Random Software website renovations

Random Software website renovations

Following a massive breach in our infrastructure, we have made the decision to completely rework the Random Software website. We are now fully up-to-date, secure, and regularly patched – with a little bit of spit-polish to boot.

The website is still undergoing major renovations, and we are continuing to work on software to host on this site. We’ll keep you posted as events unfold.

Oh man, this was pretty recent, too! :-O

So sorry to hear that you had such a big infrastructure breach; glad things are going better now, though! 🙂

I just visited this website for the first time ever today; I’ve just become aware of Random Software for the first time mere minutes ago, as I was sifting through old software from a GameZone 1000+ Games compact disc by SoftKey, using an old Windows XP laptop I acquired just the other day.

http://www.randomly.com and Random Software displayed in a window, which popped up after finishing installation of a game called BreakThrough. I wanted to check, just to see if the website was still around after many years, so it’s super cool to see it apparently still existing in some capacity! 😀

Best of luck with the renovations! I look forward to hearing more updates. 🙂

Vuelve, por favor. Tus juegos siempre me han gustado muchísimo. Y siempre vuelvo a vuestra página buscando alguno nuevo.

Come back please. I have always liked your games very much. And I always return to your page looking for a new one.

We’re very busy as of late – especially since COVID-19 came around, running Random Software has been a massive time-sink which we can’t justify at the moment, especially as a side business – but we’re not out of the race yet. Hopefully, we can get back into production in a bit. Thanks for your support! 🙂


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